Guide to an Online Advertising or Marketing Education

by Angelisa L. Bromley
Guide to an Online Advertising or Marketing Education

People who are interested in obtaining a certificate, degree, or simply bolster their knowledge in the fields of advertising and marketing now have the option to obtain their education via the internet. Distance education for advertising and marketing degrees include established, researched-based institutions that are expanding their curriculum, private establishments that serve only online students, and corporate universities. Partnerships between establishments are also becoming commonplace.

How Online Programs Work in Advertising & Marketing

Typical distance advertising and marketing education programs provide courses delivered via a central internet portal, such as Centra or Blackboard. Classes meet online one to three times per week. For associate and bachelor degree programs, general education coursework will be required for degree completion. Centra and Blackboard record class sessions, enabling students to view the course anytime after it has concluded. In order to become a successful online student in any academic field, several skill sets are necessary. The ability to manage time and have self-discipline are vital. Professor David R. Fordham of James Madison University notes that a person pursuing an online degree must be a "self-starter, one who works well without direct supervision" with an "extremely high level of motivation."

Paying for an Online Education

Three traditional avenues that students take to assist in funding their education are grants and scholarships, student loans, and employers assistance – all of which are available for online students in advertising and marketing.

Many advertising and marketing scholarships are offered through the universities in which the student is enrolled. National or more broad-range scholarships and grants may be on and The American Marketing Association Foundation (AMAF) provides the Robert J. Lavidge Nonprofit Marketing Research Scholarship, and the Lagrant Foundation offers scholarships to minority students enrolled in advertising, marketing, and public relations programs.


Online programs in the fields of advertising and marketing show much promise. More programs are now available to more students. It is no longer necessary to limit the selection of schools or programs based solely on proximity. Financing an education is more achievable and more employers are open to their employees obtaining an education from less traditional sources.

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