Careers and Education in Advertising

Great advertising mixes art, business, and psychology. Working in this field can be quite fun and sometimes even glamorous. If you've ever gotten a really big kick out of an ad campaign, or saw one and thought "Hey, I could do better!" then this might be a good career path for you. A solid education and lots of hands-on work experience will help you enter into this highly competitive and rewarding field. The articles below will guide you to more information about education and possible career options in advertising:

  • Schools - Good advertising programs stress both the creative and business sides of the advertising business. Be sure to check out this article prior to selecting educational and training programs in advertising.
  • Degrees - Advertising programs and degrees are offered by different types of educational institutions and resulting entry-level salaries can vary accordingly. This article helps sort out the differences to help you explore possible degree options for a career in advertising.
  • Careers - With the right education and training, advertising students can work in agencies, marketing firms, privately owned companies, television stations, radio stations and major corporations. Learn how to plan for, find, and land the job in advertising that's best suited for you.

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