Advertising Career Specialties

Advertising Career Specialties

Account Services

Account coordinators and executives are responsible for advertising sales, and also work as client liaisons, advocating for clients' interests during the production process. They also offer client support and oversee production in conjunction with traffic managers, who are responsible for keeping advertising production on schedule.

Art Director

An art director develops advertising strategy, project renditions, and often content for a campaign. They are responsible for overseeing an entire ad campaign.


The copywriter is charged with developing copy for advertisements and other promotional copy, and is often asked to develop an entire advertising concept.

Layout/Graphic Design

Graphic designers and layout managers work in tandem to develop an ad's visual impact through illustrations, photographs, and print type. They may also design logos, symbols, and packages.

Media Services

Media planners, directors, and managers control the purchase of print and broadcast media space and time. They are responsible for allocating this space among clients and negotiating billing terms.


The research department uses statistics, methodology, and modeling tools to ensure accuracy and validity in advertising projects.

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